What we eat during pregnancy impacts the health of our baby. It also influences the birth process and how we recover. Many people, therefore, are interested in eating a healthy diet during pregnancy, however during this time we are often faced with a number of issues that make this a tricky task.

I provide guidance and support during this time, highlighting important foods to include in your diet and how to eat well if vegetables suddenly sound horrifying. I also clear up any confusion surrounding what foods are safe to eat and what foods are best to avoid, as well as tips to help manage nausea, heartburn, insomnia and weight gain.



During our first consultation we discuss your everyday diet and lifestyle. This helps me to get a deep understanding of your reality, which allows us to identify what we need to work on. I can then make realistic and valuable, personalised suggestions to help you feel nourished and balanced. We discuss:

  • What you are eating
  • How you are feeling – your energy levels, mood, digestion, stress, etc.
  • Your sleep and movement patterns
  • The practicalities of your life – where you live, where you shop, your work, who you live with and your role in your family unit
  • Pregnancy symptoms that are causing you discomfort
  • Any struggles you are facing

In this session you receive:

  • Personalised advice to assist in a healthy pregnancy, including symptom management and important foods to eat, as well as how much of these foods you should ideally be eating
  • Nourishing recipes
  • A meal prep resource to help you get into the habit of batch cooking. A big key to consistently eating well is always having healthy, delicious food available
  • Ongoing access to Heidi’s everyday tips and encouragement via regular private messaging.

TIME: 60 minutes
COST: $120



During these sessions we will:

  • Reflect on where you’re at
  • Adjust advice based on the progression of your pregnancy as requirements and symptoms change
  • Provide ongoing encouragement and support
  • Discuss additional topics of interest
  • Provide additional recipes (if desired)

TIME: 30 minutes
COST: $70

The number of review sessions is variable, based on your circumstances and the support you need.


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